At Bee&M Kids, we have a commitment to quality, sustainability, and securing a bright future for the generations to come. That’s why we only partner with brands whose values align with ours.


BlaBla’s mission is to delight and inspire children by creating artful earth-friendly soft toys. Created in 2001 by photo and film stylist, Susan Pritchett and French artist, Florence Wetterwald, after the pair visited Peru and saw entire villages of expert knitters who had been keeping the tradition alive for generations. Inspired by their talent and the incredible quality and softness of Peruvian cotton, they decided to start their own company of cuddly knitted products for children.

Fairtrade and sustainability have always been the cornerstone of BlaBla’s philosophy. Since inception, all BlaBla products have been handmade by skilled artisans using only high quality hand picked cotton and 100% natural fibers.


Bloomingville was born in the year 2000, out of a fascination of Nordic Styling and living by designer Betina Sharpe. And while in 2014 the brand became part of US Based Regent Holding, their mission has stayed the same… and that is to deliver happy changes to everyday designers. Priding themselves on warm and cherished home interior designs, deeply rooted in the famed Danish aesthetic, the Bloomingville brand and philosophy has been adopted by millions of people and homes, around the world.

Ekatarina Galera

‘It’s not just about lamps… this is about bright feelings, warm hugs and fairy dreams.’

The world of Ekatarina Galera is one in which we can fly, discover and surprise. Lovinging handmade in her workshop in Toulouse, France, Ekatarina Galera’s lamps use simple and clean lines that refract light through the folds of the lamp.

She describes her lamps as soft and poetic, reflecting the essence of a child who has kept the light inside. She uses natural fibers and an old processing method in felting, and combines this with ultra-modern recycled materials.

Beautiful and sophisticated, Ekatarina Galera brings a little bit of magic to our lives.

Fiona Walker

The Fiona Walker England range encompasses quirky animal heads, hooks, bookends and coordinating home décor which adds fun to any room without compromising on style. All Fiona Walker’s products are hand-made under fair trade guidelines, and all felt products are made from 100% organic lamb’s wool. Their dying plant uses recycled water so the dye chemicals are not released into the ecosystem, damaging precious clean water in the community.

The Fiona Walker England manufacturer employs an all-female workforce, who can take their work home. This enables them to bring in an extra income for their families whilst taking care of their children.

Go to Bed the Label

Australian owned and operated, Go to Bed The Label was founded in 2019 by Interior Stylist Magdalene Liacopoulos.

When Magda welcomed her second daughter, Thea Grey, she couldn’t find what she was desperately after… high quality cot sheets in beautiful, unique colours. She started researching and developing her first range of fitted cot sheets in six colours and soon after, Go To Bed was born.

The 100% cotton jersey sheets are still used on her two daughters, Alexa and Thea, and on thousands of others around the country.

Konjes Slodj

Founded and based in Copenhagen, Konges Slodj opts for quality, functionality and simplicity. Their goal is to create a simple, scandinavian, stylish and quality-conscious universe for those most dear to us…. Our children.

All Konges Slodj products are made of certified organic cotton, and manufactured in factories with proper working conditions. Founded in 2014 and now selling in more than 1500 retailers across 82 countries, there’s no doubt that Konjes Slodj has become a world-wide name.

Their support for the ‘imperfect’ new mums is palpable… and as they like to remind their happy customers that… ‘We are with you, mama.’

Lorena Canals

Lorena Canals designs and produces rugs and textile accessories that are both stylish and practical. Established in 1990, the brand started small but have grown exponentially. They now own two factories in India, offices in Barcelona and New York and warehouses in Europe, Asia and United States.

The designer personally works with more than 170 artisans who take care of every detail - priding themselves on quality - from use of the best raw materials to socially responsible labor practices. Best of all, the Lorena Canals rugs meet the needs of modern lifestyles, by being 100% machine-washable.

In 2008, Lorena Canals began the Sakûla Project in India, giving children access to a better future through safe housing, a hot meal and education.

Moi Mili

A small studio founded in Poland on a sunny, summer’s day, Moi Mili sells a range of children’s products that are designed to create a unique, pleasant atmosphere in every room, bringing smiles to the faces of everyone who enters.

Moi Mili prioritises quality above all, every item made with great detail, love and passion. Quilted bedspreads and colorful pillows are sewn with the best quality linen and fabrics in 100% cotton.

They pride themselves on making accessories for your kids, your home and your soul.


Muskhane began back in 2003 in the Heart of the Himalayas by French couple, Thierry and Valeìrie Billot.

The brand was born out of a desire to lead a meaningful life of adventure and improve the lives of artisans who work in the Himalyan Valley.

It was also their keen interest in the exceptional artisanal craftwork of the region - including the traditional techniques of production.

To this day, all Muskhane products are still made by the Napalese artisans of the valley of Kathmandu, using only natural, renewable materials from the area. The techniques used continue to evolve, thanks to creative innovations of the artisans and brand - who pride themselves on an equitable working relationship.

From the heart of the Himalayas to the world, Muskhane offer a range of unique objects, each infused with softness and harmony.


Danish company OYOY Living Design creates playful toys and rugs within a classic Danish design sensibility. Founded by Lotte Fynboe in 2012, the collections are quirky yet classic, functional and fun. With childhood memories as the inspiration, OYOY offers nostalgia in alluring colours and unique details, perfectly redesigned for contemporary family life.


Sage X Clare was born from a trip to India, where the energetic streets filled with bold spices and bright colours captured the hearts of the husband and wife duo behind the brand.

Since their establishment, Phoebe and Chris have spent a lot of time overseas, working with local artisans to bring the Sage x Clare designs to life. They pride themselves on their handmade global treasures that are bohemian, soulful and eclectic. The idea that some objects have real heart is what drives Phoebe and Chris in their business today.

Their baby x kids collection is playful and filled with joy - inspired by their own little ones, Jude and Heidi. The colourful range includes bed linen, wall hangings, play mats and muslin wraps, all with a design as unique as your own little one...

We’d describe Sage x Clare as edgy, classically cool and uber laid back.

Ferm Living

‘In the kids’ room, anything is possible... a sanctuary from the restrictions and boundaries of the outside world, where only their creativity defines the limits.

Born back in 2005, Ferm LIVING is based on a passion for authentic design and clear functionality. The rich textures and deep colours are designed to create an authentic atmosphere, while striking shapes, bold patterns and fiercely fun details add a touch of the unexpected.

Based in Copenhagen, the talented team at Fern LIVING work with artisans around the world, fusing their Scandinavian roots with global skills and traditions.

And like all of the Bee&M partners, while they dont take life too seriously, they do take their responsibility to people and the planet seriously… committing only to ethical and sustainable practices that are kind to our planet.


Designed and made with love in Poland

Moonie humming bears provide comfort and care to your child with soothing sounds and an inbuilt calming night light. These gorgeous soft toys use “pink sound” and certified organic cotton to create a sleep environment of restful bliss.

Sound waves of the mother’s womb are reflected to provide your little one with a peaceful comfort zone as they dream.

Check out all the features and the wonderful Moonie range of Humming Bears, available in an array of colours now at Bee&M kids.


Let your child’s imagination shine with an awesome accessory from the DOO WOP KIDS range. The Bee Team are super fans of this creative Sydney brand for the uniqueness they bring to their bags and lunch boxes. Not one to follow the crowd, DOO WOP KIDS is dedicated to all kids who step to the beat of their own drum. Recharge your lil’ one’s day with a burst of DOO WOP KIDS colour and energy!

Gry & Sif

Gry & Sif bring together the best of craftsmanship, design and sustainability in their products. The minimalist sensibility of Danish design combines with woman-centred fair trade in Nepal and the finest New Zealand merino wool. The result is a gorgeous range of colourful felt creations that add sparks of joy and delight to any home space. Bee&M Kids just love their flower bouquets, home decor and toy collections. Find your own treasured heirloom in the beautiful felt offerings from Gry & Sif.


Dashdu create bright dinosaurs and tactile felt toys that add a pop of colour and fun to any space. We love how each piece in the collection is a little gem, designed in Australia and handcrafted in Kathmandu. Being compostable and plastic free, these felt characters are good for the planet as well as the imagination!